15 June 2011


That's right. I am officially a 5k finisher and I ran the WHOLE thing. I know that sounds wimpy to most people but running has always been a struggle for me so I was quite happy. I also finished it over 2 minutes faster than I had previously on my practice course. I was worried that I was going to fail miserably, too. The last two runs I had done were horrible so I thought I had slacked too much on my training. No matter now, though, I finished and now it's on to the next thing...

That's right, there is more running in my future. I think this is my official announcement so Chelsea it's official. ;) On February 26, 2012, I will be running the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I think I'm crazy but my great friend, Chelsea, convinced me to do it while we were in D.C. It's becoming real too, my parents are talking about coming and her parents are coming for sure. Guess I have to do it now. I plan on running some races in the interim to make sure I am always working towards something. Problem is that Micah will be gone until August so I might have to start running one or two by myself - which I'm not good at. If you want to run a race with me by all means let me know! I want to start with another couple 5ks, work to a 10k and then go from there. Once I have a schedule figured out, I will put it on here so it's official.

Last time I posted I talked about the Detox that we tried. We really liked doing it and are going to keep up some of the same ideas. We want to cut out processed foods completely to include refined sugars and flours. I have realized that these make me crash big time and I enjoyed not feeling that when I wasn't eating them. I am not going to cut out wheat and gluten entirely but I do want to limit them because my body likes me more when I avoid them. I definitely need to start doing something because ever since the race I have been eating like crap and I haven't run ONCE. I need to fix this and plan on doing so right after I visit the cities this weekend. :)

I hope to keep this updated more. School is over for the summer so I have a lot more time. I will add some great recipes in the future!

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  1. congrats!! and HECK YES!!!! I'm so pumped for the 1/2 marathon at Disney! I will be calling you VERY early the morning of July 5th to make sure you register :)