25 April 2011

Test 5k and new adventure...

Long time no post, huh? Last week was Spring Break and I got some fun work outs in. My friend and I decided to try our hands at some of the group fitness classes at our gym since we didn't have school getting in the way. ;) We tried Zumba first which was an interesting experience. My cousin has been taking zumba classes and has lost a good amount of weight and looks AWESOME so I figured it was at least worth a try. We had fun and I was definitely sweating after but I know I looked like a flailing idiot for the entire hour. It was nowhere near as bad as the step class we tried the next day. I could not figure the stupid thing out. Every time I figured out the footwork she would change it upon me and I'd be lost. It was infuriating. Needless to say, I will not be trying that class again. Ha.

I did get a couple runs in as well, the longest being Saturday. In my training plan I am up to the straight runs between 20-25 minutes. I had done 20 on the treadmill earlier in the week and since the treadmill is far easier I wanted to try outside to see how long I could go. Micah and I headed over to the route for the Berbee Derbee 5k and started running. It was great on the way out and the small cramp that I got was easy to work through. Then I turned around and the wind was CRAZY. Mother nature chose that exact moment to start pushing in a storm front and I was miserable. Plus, the way back has a lot more hills anyway. I was able to keep going until about 23 minutes and I had the worst cramp. I walked for a bit and then ran/walked the rest of the 3.1. I finished in 36 minutes and I was soooooooooo disappointed as I  had hoped to be a little closer to the 30 minute mark. I know the the wind sucked but I was trying not to make excuses.

Since I have to keep upping the length of straight running time, if the weather cooperates, I am hoping to keep running this course. That way I can gauge my progress and maybe even finish a practice 5k before the race (which is under 3 weeks away!!). I think I can get myself up to that point in the next three weeks and thankfully Micah is really helping me out by running with me when he's home. I have such a great husband. :)

In other news, I'm starting up a business and I'm super nervous. I'm not talking a little nervous when I think about it but like nervous all the time. I am starting to sell Arbonne which is a company that makes skin care, make-up and nutritional products.  I am starting it because I need to find a way to bring in an income this summer and while I student teach in the fall. Student teaching is a great thing for getting certified and teaching but not so much for the wallet since I get paid NOTHING - I actually pay the school. Haha. Since Micah is in school too, I have to figure something out and I really don't want to go back to waitressing and bartending since late nights and early mornings don't go well together.

Now Micah and I have been using the products for years so I'm not worried that the company is bogus or that the products suck because I know that's not the case. I'm worried that I'm not going to make enough or that I'm going to fail. I am stepping so far outside my comfort zone that I hope I can really do this. The timing of it is hard, too. In order for me to get started, I have to have my first parties (where I get trained) over Memorial Day weekend. Who wants to give up that weekend? However, if I don't get the parties in that weekend I may have to wait until late June because my trainer will be gone to Iceland for the Air Guard.  By that time we won't have had an income for a couple weeks, so that's scary. I am hoping I can make this work because I love the products and can learn some very valuable skills that would make me a better teacher, too (hello public speaking). Keep your fingers crossed for me. Good thing running relieves stress, right?

P.s. wrote this on the blogger apparently on my phone. Hopefully It works and I will edit for grammar and spelling later. :)

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