12 August 2012

This is my house:
Of course, it doesn’t look like that anymore. I chose the picture we took when the house wasn’t ours yet AKA before all the leaves had come in and we realized that the previous owner hadn’t done ANY maintenance of the landscaping in the 20 years she owned the place. It’s made for a long summer of pulling, trimming and cutting down buuuuuuut there’s so much that I’ll save that for it’s own post. Here’s the floor plan (look at the nifty program I found!).

First floor:                                                                 Second Floor:

It works for us right now but we have grand ideas of how we could make this house even more amaze-balls. You see, currently the upstairs is just our master which is really nice but the other day I was out for a run and saw another model of our house. It looks like they pushed out the back of the upstairs (changed the slop of the roof) so that there are full sized walls and no crawl space action. While I’m not exactly sure how they set it up, I’m thinking that with all that extra room, you could easily fit 3 bedrooms upstairs with a master suite and the other full bath. How awesome would that be? Then we could knock out our current guest room downstairs and make it a great room off the kitchen. Soooooo, if I had a million dollars that’s what I’d do. And buy a monkey. Haven’t you always wanted a monkey?

 Anyway, let me take you on a photo tour (can you tell I’m overly obsessed with this house?). These are the before pictures, I’ll throw some after ones in as we continue to do projects and decorate. Here’s the front entrance with the stairs up and the front closet.

turn 180* and....our living room.

From there you walk through to the dining room, kitchen and sunroom (back)
Sunroom - Look at the park behind us!
We have two bedrooms on the main floor


                          Guest Room  ---->

Let's head upstairs! 

One the right at the top of the stairs is our master bath and unused room

Then there is our MASSIVE master bedroom....
with a teeny closet..


Hope you enjoyed the tour. Obviously, I need to figure out how to use Blogger a little better so the pictures are spaced more evenly but there is a quick tour. Everything has since been painted and we do have furniture. Micah and I still have so many projects we want to do but have made some serious progress and are excited about it! Hope you'll keep checking it out - maybe this can be our chance to beat Dave's video of their new place. ;)